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  • Fatalities in the oil and gas extraction industries alone claimed 70 % lives out of total fatalities in the year 2014. 
  • In the middle east, young and male workers, in particular, were at increased risk for occupational injuries, and the majority of injured that required hospital admissions were workers from construction (43%), fall from height (51%) was the main mechanism of injury which reflects the occupational hazards associated within the construction sector *(data collected from various news articles)


SURPRISED? Are you afraid to get caught by surprise? Are you an employee or an employer? Whatever the answers to those questions may be, you better be safe than sorry. Safety enhancement starts with a change in the mindset. And that change lies in every one of us, be it an employee or an employer. It makes sense to opt for safety measures than building up NPT at your workplace

In his book Quality Is Free, Phillip Crosby notes that to eliminate the waste (employees getting hurt), to improve the operation (incidents), and to become more efficient, we must concentrate on preventing the defects and errors that plague us. Moreover, Crosby makes a statement that is worth repeating to let others think about it “people are conditioned to believe that error is inevitable. We not only accept error, but we also anticipate it”. Therefore, management plans for these errors to occur. It sounds as if human beings have a “built-in” error factor.

But anticipating a casualty and planning to manage it is no more a wise thing to do – rather an employer should aim at averting the incidents altogether. Question is how to proceed… Somebody show away!!

Training the workers and creating safety awareness is the only way to make employees alert, aware and all geared up to face if a situation arises. And now when the workforce comprises of all millennial’s, mode of communication is another part to be planned by the employers. Safety video production includes, safety training video, Animated training videos, Safety Induction videos, lesson learned videos, Motivational video, incident reenactment videos, and many more to name are the latest in the industry to train the workforce that loves to watch a video rather than reading thick manuals on safety induction.

Improving health, promoting safety, and minimizing injury occurrence are the responsibilities of all of us in the workplace. We must all combine our efforts and our energy to make the workplace a safer place, an environment where we can all attain our goals and accomplish our objectives.

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