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A visually appealing professional Construction Process Time-lapse video is now an essential part of modern building construction. Creating impressive short video sequences enables contractors, civil engineers, and developers to communicate a project from start to finish in minutes effectively. This makes time-lapse photography an ideal marketing and monitoring tool for the construction industry.

Here at Elited Studio, we are very attentive to the individuality of each of our construction clients, adapting videos to any aesthetic and stylistic specification of their brand. As a result, it gives you the confidence to show your projects to a broader audience, whether investors, shareholders, social media platforms, or other prominent media, such as broadcast television.

Time-lapse video lets you do more with less; In this case, you can take a month-long construction project and turn it into an easily digestible two-minute video. It’s fascinating to watch an empty lot transform into a vertical structure, and it’s a testament to the hard work your team puts in on the job every day.

Time-lapse video is a technique that captures a slow-moving process, such as skyscraper construction, and converts it into a fast-paced video that shows the project’s evolution. If you’re curious about the technical process behind the effect, check out our previous explainer article on time-lapse videos.

Hiring a creative media agency to shoot a time-lapse video can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you are concerned that filming is intrusive and inconvenient or that a timed video is out of your budget. We can get complete coverage of your construction project with very little involvement from your on-site team thanks to our experience in sequential photography and videography. To create the finished video, we used a combination of static and dynamic camera shots, as well as aerial photography and videography with a drone. Then the magic comes in editing when we turn them into the high-speed video so you can quickly and easily see your project’s long-term progress.

Our professional team and our experienced team will record the small and constant changes to your site without jeopardizing the safety of your personnel, disrupting your construction schedule, or blowing your budget.

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