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Stop motion footage animation is a technique in which a camera is repeatedly stopped and turned on, frame by frame, to give the appearance of movement to inanimate objects and figures.

Stop motion animation, like traditional animation, is a frame-by-frame process. On the other hand, stop motion animation is a photograph converted into 3D animation, whereas traditional animation is 2D and drawn primarily by hand.

The following is the primary stop motion production process:

  • Real-life accessories, objects, and materials are used to create the scene.
  • The characters are created in their various positions and facial expressions before being placed in the appropriate scene.
  • The scene has been lit and composed, and it is now ready for photography.
  • The characters and scenes are then tweaked slightly before another photograph is taken.
  • This process is repeated, with the characters and scenes being adjusted until the desired animation and pacing are fully photographed.
  • The photos are then assembled to form a fully 3D animation made entirely of handcrafted images.

Stop motion footage is a classic form of animation that consists of taking a series of images and making slight changes. Then, when those images are played back in order, it results in motion.

Why should you choose stop motion animation?

Immediate impact
Social commitment

What does it mean to make a stop motion?

To create a stop motion effect, Elited Studio’s experts take a series of photographs with changes made between each one. These modifications can be made to an object to cause it to move or even to the lighting. The focus and history of stop motion animation can include your products, as well as puppets and figures. The options are limitless.

Contact us to discuss your report. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a summary. Our experts have worked with large and small businesses, and they have done everything from scratch and from a detailed report on creating stop motion animations. Elited Studio always tries to work within your budget when possible and always work according to your instructions to deliver precisely what you are looking for and help you achieve your goals.

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