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How to make an powerful impact through Time-Lapse construction videos for your business growth?

As a professional with experience in the construction business, you know that one of the most valuable resources is time. The processes in this industry usually take weeks, month, even years. At the same time, you often need to attend business meetings that might seem boring and unproductive.

Practice shows that presenting time-lapse construction videos to your clients and stakeholders helps them understand your point about the project progress easier, compared to showing them images, charts and spreadsheets.

Why Use Time-Lapse Video?

  • To visualize the construction progress during internal meetings.
  • To review the work process and search for ways to improve it.
  • To make time-lapse videos part of the official presentations to clients and other stakeholders.
  • To archive video production and use it later as a proof or as a reference for similar projects.

Isn’t it convenient to capture weeks and months of work in a video that lasts only a few minutes and use it for whatever you need?

How to Get Quality Video Production?

When you need to visualize the work done during short periods, you can use drones to shoot time-lapse videos.

However, if you have to capture long-term processes, it’s better to use a solar-powered time-lapse camera or camera with a rechargeable battery.

Want to get a good quality video production? Follow these rules:

  • Position the device in the right location and set it to take photos at regular intervals during the entire project.
  • Make sure that the construction time-lapse video camera is weatherproof and kept dry all the time.
  • It is important to keep the camera immovable. To achieve that, lock or custom screw/bolt its heads.

Every day professionals like you are working under pressure and in a risky environment. These conditions make construction an extremely challenging industry. The good news is that you can apply techniques that can improve your work. If you want to boost your organization’s performance and to achieve better internal and external communications, contact us for more information today.

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  2. Time-lapse has become backbone for every industry now,

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